Success is always a journey

Agile and Success are both journey’s without a single destination. How can we start, continue and evolve. Read on to find out!

3 Steps to Becoming an Agile PMP

3 Steps to Becoming an Agile PMP

Step 1: Become the Cream of the Crop! The new standard expected in the role of Portfolio, Product, Program or Project or any Manager today; requires a hybrid combination of Lean/Agile/Traditional Practices.    Research indicates that employers will need to fill nearly 2.2 million new project-oriented roles each year through 2027.  Skilled Agile project managers are […]

5 Steps to Finding the Path to Business Agility

Is there a dark side to agility? “The dark side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities some consider unnatural” Emperor Palpitine Tweet When anyone tries to sell a tool, a prescribed method, “one size fits all,” or that they say is “immutable,” these can be red flags that whatever they are “selling” […]

A Business Agility Story For Construction

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Achieving Business Agility in the Construction Industry Every day, we’re impacted by both known and unknown issues; these impacts can last for a day or many years. Being better prepared and ready to adjust to change is the hallmark of successful people and the organizations they support. The ability to sense and respond to change […]

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Work for a world class innovator for business agility We help businesses Focus on Value for their Customer at Velocity! Tactec uses state-of-the-art learning and digital tools to support the transition to true business agility and is the gold standard in training and certification as a Premier PMI Partner.  Invested in the continued evolution and innovation in […]

Extending DevOps Pipleline with DAVSC


Agile+DevOps – Extending the pipeline with DAVSC Take the  DAVSC Course Okay, maybe you have heard about, or started into the journey of DevOps, are your customers happier, your stakeholders delighted? I have some theories why this is not always the case and why for over five years I have spoken to folks at IBM, […]

Navigating DevOps Through Waterfalls – Book Launch

Book Launch – Past Event Navigating DevOps Through Waterfalls – Book Launch Our Book Launch as the publisher of Navigating DevOps Through Waterfalls with special Guests and Attendees! Get a behind-the-scenes look at the making of this book and how this book can help your organization, with Scott Ambler, Donovan Brown, Jens Haeusser.   Hosted […]