Meet an Agent of Chaos, Agent #77

The Agents of Chaos describe Agent #77 as, the most congenial of the agents. He’s an industry expert which makes him the one that the CIOs/CEOs would really interact with. He’s the one who mostly represents the AoC to the outside world. He’s the business brain of the AoC because he’s a smooth operator. He’s […]

A Public Sector DevOps Story

A Public Sector DevOps Story A few years ago several of my clients were engaged with “Agile” & “DevOps” projects with the a public sector Ministry.  Both my clients was consulting firms providing resources.  Both of the Ministries were under the assumption that Agile was working fast at a “special DevOps Lab location outside of […]

Tactec’s Agile+

Agile + To turn really interesting ideas and fledgling technologies into a company that can continue to innovate for years, it requires a lot of disciplines. Steve Jobs Organizations, whether a business, non-profit, or pubic service no longer continue to function as “Normal” as they have in the past. While Customers, Citizens, Consumers and Clients […]


Lifecycles Delivery Lifecycles what are they and why are they important? We need to be explicit about what we mean by a lifecycle, there is a lot of conflicting and overloaded stuff out there for words such as Agile, or DevOps or Lean or SCRUM and even the word lifecycle. When we say the word […]

Roles and Personas

Roles and Personas Roles There are many roles in Agile or DevOps teams, in our book we tackle a few roles and we use personas to understand from the user’s perspective the journey they are taking when using our software. Agent 77 (myself) and Agent 13 have different roles in our clients and organizations we […]

Improving Our Way of Working

The first core value is to Improve beyond the limits of today’s processes. Whether a product or project, it makes sense that we have a goal in how we work that includes a measurable and definable plan to improve our way of working. While it takes some thoughtful consideration and planning to improve how we […]

DevOps Core Values

What are the Agents of Chaos DevOps Core Values? The Agents of Chaos reference throughout their book the DevOps Core Values.  Right from Act 1 the AoC’s refer to these values, right through Act 5.  Here is a summary: Improve beyond the limits of today’s processes Strive to always innovate and improve beyond repeatable processes […]