Improving Our Way of Working

The first core value is to Improve beyond the limits of today’s processes. Whether a product or project, it makes sense that we have a goal in how we work that includes a measurable and definable plan to improve our way of working. While it takes some thoughtful consideration and planning to improve how we […]

DevOps Core Values

What are the Agents of Chaos DevOps Core Values? The Agents of Chaos reference throughout their book the DevOps Core Values.  Right from Act 1 the AoC’s refer to these values, right through Act 5.  Here is a summary: Improve beyond the limits of today’s processes Strive to always innovate and improve beyond repeatable processes […]

Meet an Ops hero, Mr. Knight

Princeton Knight likes to support his team and consistently takes on difficult challenges. Knight regularly takes on problems even when he may not realize the amount of effort or have a solution in mind. Knight has worked several years at Big Corp, coming from another tech company where he learned much of his operational support […]

Meet an Engineer extraordinaire: Ms. Redline

Bio: Imogen Redline or “Imy” as many of her friends call her is a smart and sassy developer who likes to push whatever she does to the max! Imy Redline is a millennial and graduated top of her class. While in college she fell in love with writing elegant code. She is a natural at […]

Tactec’s Newsletter

Our first newsletter comes out for July and we are excited to announce our July courses and new events! Get our discount coupon by contacting us at for our special summer rates.      

Meet Automaton, Engineer

BIO: Automaton, Operations Engineer. “Number 35-A is alive!” exclaimed a brand new robot built somewhere in Canada. No one knows the inception date and origin for 35-A; however, there are some clues. Automaton was first seen at a trade show called “Future World” in 2007, and he quickly made friends. Some of his friends wanted […]

Disciplined Agile Estimation or Guesstimation?

Share with Friends In my lunch and learn session this week for one of my clients, I covered an important topic on practical lessons and ways to improve our estimates. Many organizations and their IT departments have difficulty sizing and estimating their projects or product during the “intake” or project initiation phase. Using Disciplined Agile […]

Need some rocket fuel for your DevOps team? Look at agile data?

Need some rocket fuel for your DevOps team? Look at agile data? If your DevOps team is the rocket engine for your agile delivery processes, then effective collaborative data management should be your rocket fuel.  -Brent Reed As IT departments continue to embrace DevOps, the lifeblood of our products and services is data.  Thus, we need […]