Meet Mr. Maverick, the CIO!

BIO: Born 1965, San Antonio, Texas and lives in Dallas, Tx.Mr. James, Ronald, Maverick holds a Bachelor of Science in Phycology at The University of Texas, San Antonio. Mr. Maverick or JR as many call him is a “slick” but warm and friendly character in our upcoming book on the DevOps Mindset. Mr. Maverick cares […]

Meet the Overlords!

Floating high above the Minions feverously working below, in the white spire, the Overlords are lording. Managing, measuring and Overlording as they have since the ’70s. Yes, these bold and beautiful brains dance in their glass office, mindful that their customers need to be continuously delighted. A crackling of electricity can be heard down the […]

DevOps is a Journey

Just like organizations would like to flourish continuously, most people behind the companies and groups they support also want to grow and evolve. Thus it makes sense that a collaborative engine of people, processes and products and the value of DevOps offers, isn’t a destination. I think of transformation a completed metamorphosis, an entire change […]

Meet Mr. Barker, IT Manager

Bio: Male, age 45, hails from London, EnglandTwenty years in IT services and support with an MBA and IT degrees Mr. Barker is one of our key characters in our upcoming book, he is also a key stakeholder and decision maker for a DevOps adoption and agile transformation program at his company. Mr. Barker is […]

Global DevOps Bootcamp

Sponsors of GDBC 2019, Vancouver Awesome day of collaboration and fun with the 8 challenges keeping your infrastructure and applications running using Azure DevOps! More to come …

DA 2019 Un-Conference

The inaugural DA Un-Conference kicked off with all the pomp and show that Las Vegas can bring at the Mandalay Bay Resort. With over 31 in attendance the group travelled as far as Bosnia, UK, US and Canada. The conference was facilitated by Klaus Boedker, (Disciplined Agile, CDAI,CDAC) who was fantastic. A mixed group of […]

What is System Thinking?

When we ponder over the natural elements such as oceans, or forests, system thinking involves a holistic ecosystem of components that work in unison. A thriving complex system of components in a structure that when organized as a whole, is system thinking. Thus system thinking helps identify a potential problem, understand and model a possible […]