6 Ways to Make Great Teams with FREE Agile Certification!

Agile certification for free? Your organization may qualify for free training, look below to find out how: Companies that help their people grow and improve through certifications will: 1. Attract the best people 2. Boost employee and staff retention 3. Improved Workplace Engagement And Productivity 4. Building An Agile Company Culture 5. Eliminate waste, by upskilling […]

Project Management Trends for 2022

project management trends 2022

It’s a rapidly changing world, and as another year comes to a close, we need to wrap our heads around what’s to come. The pandemic has accelerated several trends forward, and we’ll discuss the most important project management trends for you to take note of in 2022. Let’s dive in. Our Top 5 Project Management […]

Agile for Non-IT Projects: Is It Beneficial?

agile for non IT projects

Agile, SCRUM, user story, backlog — these are terms IT teams know well, but they often seem like another language to those outside of software development. For those unaware, all these terms fall under the Agile method umbrella, a particular project management concept that can often seem unapproachable to those who know little to nothing […]