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Start reaching your business goals with agile & Lean adoption for any team
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Foundation - Base Camp

Acclimate with knowledge to adopt agile and lean ways of working
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Teams & Leadership

Scale your success and deal with complexity improving your success rate for larger initiatives and strategies
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Disciplined DevOps

Unlock your IT’s full potential with DevOps starting with people, improved processes, and products
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Value Stream Management

Scale and manage with mature DA teams focused on value at velocity!
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Congratulations, you are achieving your organizational goals focused on customer value at velocity!
Business Transformation & Coaching

Learn. Optimize. Accelerate

Equip yourself and your team with the tools needed to make it through tough situations before they pop up

Business Transformation & Coaching

The Tactec Guide and Coach

Members of our team work along side you at every step of the way to help navigate obstacles and rough terrain.

Business Transformation & Coaching

Foundation for Enterprise Agility 

Base Camp - 0m

The base camp is all about foundations and understanding: Principles such as delighting our customers. Promises to create psychological safety, embrace diversity and improve continuously. Guidelines to work at applying design thinking, attending to relationships and creating effective environments that foster joy.  

Learn through our hybrid of e-learning and Instructor-led foundational training and improvement program: The Foundation for Enterprise Agility. A half-day workshop to kick-start improving your delivery of strategic goals at the team level.  

Optimize through a simple workshop and set of exercises that gathers feedback in a fun and informative way. We work with your team to implement what they want to improve.  

Accelerate by reporting with scientific assessment of actual data captured from our workshop, survey and feedback; we can hone in on a customized plan of action prioritized by your team to begin the climb to the next level (1000m) DA for the team. With the Tactec Guide, of course! 

Plus – We also offer an additional foundation for leaders add-on (contact for more information)

Guiding & Improving Your Team

Elevation - 1000m

The next step from the base camp is to climb to a level that helps teams improve. Using the toolkit acquired at the base camp, your team will practice Guided Continuous Improvement using a goal-driven approach.  

Learn with hybrid coaching and training using our learning management platform. Gain an in-depth understanding and training of agile and practice it in any situation using the DA toolkit. Obtain the PMI DASM Certification for the entire team included in the package.  

Optimize by implementing human-centric and service design approaches using iteration-based methods unique to the team’s Way of Working (WoW). This collaborative, goal-based approach focuses on delivering value to the customer and stakeholders.  

Accelerate through coaching and mentoring with a certified expert and enterprise coach can help connect each team’s strategy to the organization’s vision, Advance your team’s development with an introductory approach to communication, emotional intelligence, diversity, inclusion, sustainability, and performance. 

Scaling Roles & Goals Across Teams

Elevation - 2000m

Happy teams, scaling the ability to produce value sooner for your customer is what this elevation is all about. Roles and goals that are sustainable in Business, Operations and IT harmoniously collaborating, using your mature IT assets.  

Learn with hybrid coaching and training, collaborating using our learning management platform and setting up a Community of Practice, knowledge sharing and continuous improvements that scale across your teams. Teams will improve to performing, with application with your projects, use modern change management, estimation, dealing with conflict, unplanned work. Obtain the PMI DASSM Certification for the entire team included in the package.  

Optimize by implementing human-centric and service design approaches using iteration-based methods unique to each Team’s Way of Working (WoW).  A certified expert and enterprise coach can help connect each team’s strategy to the business vision, including support for your team’s development with an introductory approach to emotional intelligence, diversity, inclusion, sustainability, communication, and performance. 

Accelerate with experts who coach to implement or improve transformation, continuous improvement teams that work across your complex products or project—working across many roles, remotely and complicated solutions, you will learn how to adapt and manage the flow without losing velocity, diminishing joy from team members. Gain in-depth training on scalable agile and practice it in any situation using the included DA toolkit.

Business Transformation & Coaching

Implementing and Leveraging DevOps

Elevation - 3000m

As defined in our book, “DevOps is the union of people, processes and product to enable continuous delivery of value to our end users (or stakeholders).” Thus, an organization that wants to delight its customer and foster joy within cannot ignore DevOps. DevOps, an “enabler of continuous delivery”, is the heart of a business focused on value at velocity. 

Working across teams in the business and IT, we develop strategies to drive the success of your business and customers’ goals at the speed you may have never seen in your organization. 

Learn using our platform, books and articles and DevOps experts, we lay the foundation for the DevOps mindset and strategy needed for successful implementation of DevOps. The DA Toolkit extends the foundation and delivery layer to include DevOps as a critical enabler for true business agility.  

Optimize by adopting the DevOps mindset, strategies and capabilities of security, business, release management, support, development, data and operations, we plan long-term. We are developing a learning, communication and continuous improvement program tailored to your teams and your organization.  Let’s harness the power of what makes your business successful. 

Accelerate through our coaching and mentoring, we connect helping your agile delivery teams by investing in your people, creating a safe learning environment, looking at the whole system, and transforming globally. DevOps is an evolution. Accelerate this by using proven methods and practices that focus on value at speed to your customer! 

Business Transformation & Coaching

DA Value Stream Management

Elevation - 4000m

We want to delight our customers by delivering value continuously. Value stream management (VSM) allows us to focus on the flow of value that begins and ends with the customer. Unfortunately, many things impede our flow of value (we call them Yeti’s) that steal time, delay what’s important to our stakeholders. VSM works across your teams and organization that unlocks true business agility.

Learn by identifying organizational challenges using the idealized value stream, and the four different value stream types.

Optimize through assessing, and improving your value streams unique to your people and organization that implement your strategic goals. Disrupt your competition by innovation and continuously delivering value while managing risk.

Accelerate with an enterprise improvement backlog that supports a minimum viable change (MVC) approach across business, implementation, and support. Building a playbook that focuses on value versus risk while supporting strategic organizational change.

Summit - Congratulations!

Elevation - 5000m

Congratulations! You are well on your way to accomplishing your organizational goals and achieving business transformation! Small changes for big impacts!

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