Welcome to our checklists. They serve as useful companions during Navigating DevOps through waterfall journeys, help jog our memory, and point us in the right direction.

SETUPDraft a Terms of Reference or charter – define the who, why, what, when and goals.

Support and funding for face-to-face meetups – collaborate!

Rotate facilitator role – someone with passion!

Promote self-organisation and self-management – autonomy.
[ ]
OPERATEAddress business and IT issues – add business value.

Improve productivity issues – add value to members.

Create an identity – team spirit.

Consistent and regular meetups – three cancellations are a smell!

Be transparent – share minutes, deliverables, and create a dashboard that is your CoP information radiator!
[ ]
LOGISTICSShort crisp themes and limited presentations – collaborate, such as a Lean coffee

Sprinkle light demos – limit to short demo videos or show and tells

Ban laptops and cell phones – it is time to learn and time to focus.
[ ]
Checklist – Suggested steps for creating a successful community of practice (CoP) event

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