What are the Agents of Chaos DevOps Core Values?

The Agents of Chaos reference throughout their book the DevOps Core Values.  Right from Act 1 the AoC’s refer to these values, right through Act 5.  Here is a summary:

Improve beyond the limits of today’s processes

Strive to always innovate and improve beyond repeatable processes and frameworks.

No new silos to break down silos

Inspire and share collaboratively instead of becoming a hero or creating a silo.

Feedback from stakeholders is essential

Focus on our stakeholders and their feedback rather than simply changing for the sake of change.

Knowing your customer means cross-organization collaboration

Measure performance across the organization, not just in a line of business.

 Inspire adoption through enthusiasm

Promote a culture of learning through Lean quality deliverables, not just tools and automation.

“Refer to 5 essential values for the DevOps mindset (Brent Reed, Willy Schaub, 2019) for more information on these essential values.”


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