DevOps is a journey, where do we start?

Just like organizations would like to flourish continuously, most people behind the companies and groups they support also want to grow and evolve. Thus it makes sense that a collaborative engine of people, processes and products and the value of DevOps offers, isn’t a destination. I think of transformation a completed metamorphosis, an entire change from one thing to another and thus when we think of transformation through the adoption of good practices which work within your contexts, allow you the freedom of choice, and is not prescriptive; you can build a DevOps team and teams which display value, focus, and velocity. Value, Focus, and Velocity are Tactec’s core tenants and to realize this, we need to envision a journey that we can as a curious group see on the distant horizon, something challenging however attainable.

So where do we start? How about right here
The articles authored by Willy-Peter and co-authored by myself bring together this message, however some tools to help you get there. Please read this and let us know what you think in the comment section below.


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