The Agents of Chaos describe Agent 13 as a quiet, simple, but brilliant thought leader. A very formal person (does not even use contractions) who remains cool in situations where others have a nervous breakdown. He is neither rough around the edges, nor a smooth talker. Dislikes office politics and calls it as he sees it.

Agent 13 was born in Basel, Switzerland, grew up in sunny Johannesburg, South Africa, and currently lives in beautiful British Columbia, Canada, on the family’s dream float home. He has explored the planet on numerous business trips, family adventures, and logged hundreds of dives visiting caves, shipwrecks, and other fascinating worlds under the sea. Being an avid supporter of sharks, he often takes offence when the other agents of chaos elude to sharks as dangerous and inhibitors to transformation.

He started his information technology (bits & bytes) career in the early 1980’s working on for Burroughs in Switzerland, where he created a foundation and quest for quality and simplicity that has strengthened over decades. What followed was a career of analysis, consultancy, development, research, support, and other roles to peruse his passion for delighted end-users and, continuous learning.

Once unplugged from the digital world, you can find Agent 13 chilling on his kayak, observing planes, enjoying sunsets, or spending quality time with his family.  

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