Imogen Redline or “Imy” as many of her friends call her is a smart and sassy developer who likes to push whatever she does to the max!

Imy Redline is a millennial and graduated top of her class. While in college she fell in love with writing elegant code. She is a natural at development and software design, and she is also great with people. These two abilities have really set her apart from the other (older) engineers who seem like dinosaurs stuck in the ice-age next to her.

Imy recently picked up her scrum master’s certification and now pursuing her goal as a Lead developer using DevOps and cloud technologies. Imy has started her career at Big Corp as an intern a few years ago. Imy is respected by her colleagues and is keen to share what she knows with others. She likes working in teams and is eager to learn new coding techniques, automation, and stays ahead by attending local development and engineering meetups, reading books on her Kindle and writing blogs on her personal website. When she is part of any project she frequently overachieves and worthy of her reputation; always beyond the speed expected and true to her name.

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