Innovate, Improve, Be Awesome with Disciplined Agile

Sustainable, Actionable, Scalable
Using developed Guided Continuous Innovation Improvement Program with state of the art in-person or virtual tools, & processes we can ensure your company succeeds in today's distributive agile workforce and become an agile workplace.
We are proud of our community giveback to students and public by supporting Disciplined Agile, DevOps local events that are free to the public.

What we do

We provide industry specific guidance on improving value to your customers, through a disciplined lean agile approach.
Our services includes in person & online coaching. Proven consulting on agile adoption, transformation through guided continuous innovation, & improvement that is enterprise aware.

We are also Western Canada’s first and only PMI Disciplined Agile Partner that offers training in classroom and online. We believe that we should be pragmatic while we work, context counts, & we must have choices in how we work. Tactec uses a goal driven approach which can be measured and continuously improved using our Guided Innovation & Improvement Process, Tactec GCII

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