Is your Agile team stalling?

Break the silos using our Guided Continuous Improvement

Every team is unique and faces different situations; thus, context counts. We help your teams choose and improve their Way of Working (WoW). Your optimized WoW is how we bring Tactec’s Value, Focus and Velocity to you.

Plan: Identify a potential improvement

The team identifies a technique, either practice or strategy, that they believe works for them.

Do: Try out the new WoW
The team needs to give the experiment sufficient time to determine how well it works in practice.

Act: Adopt or abandon the new WoW
Our advice is to adopt what works well for you and to abandon or better yet improve upon what doesn’t.

Study: Measure the effectiveness
After you’ve run the experiment, you should assess how well it worked for you.

Share learnings with others
When a team learns something about a technique, the implication is that they should share it with others.

Escaping “The Method Prison"


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