Extending DevOps Pipleline with DAVSC


Agile+DevOps – Extending the pipeline with DAVSC Take the  DAVSC Course Okay, maybe you have heard about, or started into the journey of DevOps, are your customers happier, your stakeholders delighted? I have some theories why this is not always the case and why for over five years I have spoken to folks at IBM, […]

DASM Flash Card Sample

DASM Flash Cards Lesson 1 – All About Agile 1.01 Question Agile is an __________ approach to project management and software development that helps teams deliver ________ ________. Answer Answer Agile is an ITERATIVE approach to project management and software development that helps teams deliver VALUE FASTER. 1.02 Question Agile teams deliver work in _______, […]

Navigating DevOps Through Waterfalls – Book Launch

Book Launch – Past Event https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BI2-p-D_Srg&feature=youtu.be Navigating DevOps Through Waterfalls – Book Launch Our Book Launch as the publisher of Navigating DevOps Through Waterfalls with special Guests and Attendees! Get a behind-the-scenes look at the making of this book and how this book can help your organization, with Scott Ambler, Donovan Brown, Jens Haeusser.   Hosted […]

Coloured Diagrams

We appologise that some of the illustrations in Act 1 and 2, lost clarity and detail in the monochrome printouts. Here is a copy of some of the coloured illustrations for your perusal: ACT 1 ACT 2

The Power of Value Streams – Past Event

Tactec’s Focus on Value with Velocity includes a very powerful tool called value streams. Mapping, managing, and improving your companies value while removing delays (waste) is a core factor in keeping businesses relevant to their customers.  Discover a key tool that will make adopting agile practices which scale possible, with the power of value streams! This webinar […]

Meet an Agent of Chaos, Agent #77

The Agents of Chaos describe Agent #77 as, the most congenial of the agents. He’s an industry expert which makes him the one that the CIOs/CEOs would really interact with. He’s the one who mostly represents the AoC to the outside world. He’s the business brain of the AoC because he’s a smooth operator. He’s […]

Community of Practice (CoP)

  Welcome to our checklists. They serve as useful companions during Navigating DevOps through waterfall journeys, help jog our memory, and point us in the right direction. PHASE STEPS CHECK SETUP Draft a Terms of Reference or charter – define the who, why, what, when and goals. Support and funding for face-to-face meetups – collaborate! […]