What is System Thinking?

DA 2019 Un-Conference
March 6, 2019

When we ponder over the natural elements such as oceans, or forests, system thinking involves a holistic ecosystem of components that work in unison.

A thriving complex system of components in a structure that when organized as a whole, is system thinking. Thus system thinking helps identify a potential problem, understand and model a possible solution, validate perspectives and bring out explicit assumptions.

At Tactec Strategic Solutions, we use Disciplined Agile as our core toolkit and system thinking as part of a way of working when reaching the goal for Enterprise Awareness. Organizations are complex adaptive systems and so are their processes and technologies thus using a system thinking approach helps simplify, build reusable patterns and think about the “whole” to improve costs, quality, performance, security and many other functional and non-functional aspects to the solution and service design. Next, we will publish a short article on cognition and behavioural science applied to system thinking which helps make Tactec Strategic Solutions a world-class partner for your agile and DevOps transformation journey.

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