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Our Mission

Founded in October 2016, Tactec’s goal is to help organizations reach their full potential using disciplined agile and value stream management. Our tagline, “Focus on Value at Velocity,” says it all, we want to help every person, team, and business focus on delighting their customer by bringing value to their stakeholders as soon as possible.  Our mission statement is to be a world-class people-first leading provider of continuous learning and improvement, achieving true business agility and transformation for our clients.

After working on extensive portfolios, programs, and products for fortune 500 global organizations such as Vodafone Global, Air France, Cathay Pacific, IBM, Heathrow and many others, Brent Reed wanted to leverage his experience to support medium and large business transitions to true business agility.  Brent and his team have created and grown Tactec’s worldwide education center (TEC), www.mytactec.com, including in-person and remote agile adoption and transformation services.   

Tactec uses state-of-the-art learning and digital tools to support the transition to true business agility and is the gold standard in training and certification as a Premier PMI Partner.  Invested in the continued evolution and innovation in Disciplined Agile, DevOps and Value Stream Management as both publisher of several articles, a recent book, and an active member, advisor and developer of PMI DA Board, PMI Community of Practices for Value Stream Consultant, DA Coach and DA Instructors.

Who we have worked with

We work with people, teams, and businesses of all sizes

Meet Our Team


Brent Reed

Enterprise Transformation, Coach & Instructor, DAVSC DAC, DASSM, CSM.

Brent started Tactec in 2016 with the vision of building world-class products and services that support his mantra of focusing on value at velocity.  An author, consultant, instructor and agile architect, he gets to do all of these at Tactec! Brent is an Advisor to the PMI DA Board and an Advisor and Instructor for the PMI Disciplined Agile Value Stream Consultant Community of Practice and DAVSC certification.


Blaine Bay

Instructor, DASSM, CSM, OCEB2, I.S.P., ITCP

Blaine is a senior IT consultant with forty years of experience in the analysis, design, development, integration, and implementation of custom & ERP solutions. 

Blaine has industry recognition as a proponent of IT professionalism in Canada, as he has presided, volunteered supporting associations such as IIBA Victoria and many others. Blaine’s twitter account is airblaine, we can guess what he loves to do!

Senior Agile Project manager & Instructor

Deneen Larsen

Instructor, PMP, DASSM

Deneen is a certified Project Management Professional and a certified Discipline Agile Senior Scrum Master with more than 25 years as a successful agile project manager, consulting and training in the IT industry. 

At Tactec she coaches teams with their agile transformation journey and teaches the new Agile PM course as well as the DASM and DASSM certification courses. Deneen loves to get outdoors in beautiful Victoria, BC and hike, bike and swim. 


Rod Bray

Coach and Instructor, DASSM, DAVSC, DAC

Involved in Information Technology for more than 40 years, Rod has held the positions of Developer, Architect, Consultant, Project Manager, and most recently Agile Coach and Instructor. Rod has been certified in Disciplined Agile as a Coach (CDAC) and Instructor (CDAI) since 2014.


Paul Sims

Coach and Instructor, DASSM, DAVSC, DAC

In 2014, Paul completed a 30-year career in hardware and software engineering at the IBM Toronto Lab. Paul obtained the Project Management Professional® certification in 2013. In late 2014, at Scott’s invitation, Paul joined Scott Ambler + Associates, later named Disciplined Agile Inc., and became a Certified Disciplined Agile Coach and Certified Disciplined Agile Instructor, offering consulting services to clients seeking to improve their business agility.

Education Centre Lead

Rachel VanBuskirk


Rachel started her career in website development and then obtained her certification as a Cybersecurity analystRachel develops and supports all of Tactec Front and Back End B2C systems.  Rachel is currently leading our training services and makes stuff happen! Rachel loves to do CTFs (capture the flag pen testing) with an ultra violet light. 

Team lead

Andrew VanBuskirk

Scrum Master, A+, Network+, CIOS, DASM

Andrew is one of our team leads supporting our construction and internal devops teams. His quick reflexes with the keyboard has saved us many times, especially when the cloud goes dark!

Education Centre Coordinator

Melodi Koether

DASM, Bachelor Degree in Principals and Methods of Education

Mel has a background in education, helping students be successful and reach their goals!

Graphic Designer

Tom Forbes

Sales Manager

Jay Hinton

Jay is our sales manager, helping organizations and students start on the right path. 

Join The Team

We don't currently have any positions advertised but are always on the look out for talented people to join our team! If you are interested please send your resume to [email protected]