A survey is an effective way to get candid feedback from stakeholders of your transformation journey and understand what is profoundly important to them. It is important to keep your surveys crisp, simple, infrequent, and anonymous by default to encourage honest feedback.

AUDIENCEAll stakeholders!
OBJECTIVEGather supplementary feedback from stakeholders to complement the DevOps self-assessment, such as the DevOps X-Ray Assessment www.devops-survey.com or the Microsoft DevOps Self-Assessment aka.ms/devopsassessment.
TRANSPARENCYShare all results and feedback
Table – Involve the right audience, with a clear objective, and complete transparency

Microsoft Forms, which is part of Office 365, is a simple tool to create an online survey. You can easily share the results with your stakeholders and export the data to Microsoft Excel for slicing, dicing, and as a source for PowerBI.

Here are the two surveys that the Agents of Chaos created with Microsoft Forms to map the digital transformation journey for Maverick during Act 1 – ASSESS leg of their journey.

DevOps Mindset Transformation – Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

DevOps Mindset Transformation – Team Culture

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