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Our Agile Basecamp is a foundation course designed to provide an overview and understanding of how to tap into the industry-leading process decision tool kit that describes how disciplined agile projects, business teams, DevOps, and value streams can work for you and your teams.

Great for teams, managers, leads, senior leaders, or anyone else new to agile so that everyone can begin building on the same foundation with a greater chance of success.

As this course is updated frequently, you will continue to learn and apply new agile, lean, kanban and project or product management techniques to choose you and your team’s tactic and way of working!

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Available virtually via zoom or in-person

1 day course – 4 hours live instruction + Asynchronous reading  (8 PDUs)

PMI Certified Instructors

12 months access to Tactec’s online learning platform, webinars and tools to continue practicing your agile skills

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Starting from $2,500 USD

For up to 25 students in a private class ($250 USD per student)

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October 24th

8:00am - 12:00pm

8 Hours (4 hours instructor led)

199 USD

Virtual via Zoom

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November 7th

8:00am - 12:00pm

8 Hours (4 hours instructor led)

199 USD

Virtual via Zoom

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Course Overview

This course is designed as the perfect stepping stone to learn about PMI’s Disciplined Agile and how it can help your team and organization.

Part 1: Asynchronous learning (e-learning portion)

  1. History of Agile
  2. What is Disciplined Agile?
  3. Why Disciplined Agile?
  4. DA in Four Views
  5. The Disciplined Agile Mindset
  6. Disciplined Agile Team and People
  7. Disciplined Agile Flow
  8. Disciplined Agile Practices – Toolkit and Process Blades
  9. What are the Benefits of a Goal-Driven Approach?


Part 2: Synchronous Interactive Instructor-led

  1. What is Enterprise Agility?
  2. Why Disciplined Agile for Your Enterprise?
  3. DA Teams are Enterprise Aware
  4. DA Products, Programs and Portfolios
  5. Applying DA Tactically at Scale
  6. DA Case Studies
New content is being added frequently, including instructional videos and exercises!
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Not sure if this is right course for you or need some more information?

Contact us and we will be more than happy to help


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Born 1965, San Antonio, Texas and lives in Dallas, Tx.
Mr. James, Ronald, Maverick holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology at The University of Texas, San Antonio.

Mr. Maverick or JR as many call him is a “slick” but warm and friendly character in our upcoming book on the DevOps Mindset. Mr. Maverick cares about his IT team very much and could charm the socks off a Texas Longhorn. JR is liked by many in his organization; however, he is not as well trusted by the Overlords as he used to be. Mr. Maverick has a group of loyal staff, including Mr. Barker a bit of an opposite to JR. Of course, Mr. Barker would never call him JR; he would only call him Mr. Maverick because well, Mr. Maverick is his boss. Mr. Maverick has held many IT positions in the past, including starting as a Sales Professional for HP and IBM mini and mainframe computers. Over the years he has risen through the ranks to hold this senior position by delivering using high-paid consultants and Big name firms. He also received his promotion from outsourcing to a foreign country where he was able to reduce his IT spend significantly. Recently he has discovered (actually this was made painfully aware to him by the Overlords) that both the Offshore roadmap and use of external consultants was not giving him the value and velocity for his IT department, and he was probably paying more than he bargained for

So, after hearing a talk at a DevOps event by the Agents of Chaos, JR decided to enlist them to help with their digital transformation roadmap and help improve the value, focus and velocity of his department. However, MR. Maverick has a few ideas about agile and DevOps, something he has heard about for a while and read in various CIO magazines; he thinks of these as Marketing terms and something that can be bought. While Mr. Maverick has held on for many years to traditional IT ways of working he has come to the end of his tenure if he doesn’t do something fast and get DevOps working quickly as he has promised to the Overlords providing him with a little more rope to get the transformation completed more quickly as they view his IT department ageing, procrastinators who are not able to keep up with business demands. JR says in his mind, “I will get it done, they don’t call me Maverick for nothing!“