Welcome to our checklists. They serve as useful companions during Navigating DevOps through waterfall journeys, help jog our memory, and point us in the right direction.

Strive for cross-functional and collaborative 6±3 teams with generalizing specialists.[ ]
Influence through leadership and autonomy.[ ]
Leadership owns the WHAT and WHY and drives a common vision.[ ]
Self-organizing/managing/directing engineering teams own the HOW and WHEN.[ ]
Adopt a culture of learning and accept failure as an opportunity to innovate.[ ]
Foster ownership and responsibility from ideation to deprecation.[ ]
Continuously observe, learn, act to cut waste and adapt.[ ]
Inspire and celebrate success as a team and an organization.[ ]
Keep things simple to reduce risk and the cost of process and products.[ ]
Enable and delight everyone to produce awesome solutions.[ ]
Checklist – Objectives when expanding your culture to embrace a DevOps mindset
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