Welcome to our checklists. They serve as useful companions during Navigating DevOps through waterfall journeys, help jog our memory, and point us in the right direction.

Embrace technical governance to create a common ground.[ ]
Streamline value creation across the organization to close the gaps between business and technology.[ ]
Streamline change management to remediate at root cause level.[ ]
Limit work in progress to maximize focus and minimize context switching. Refer to Multitasking: Switching costs (American Psychological Association, 2006) for information on the penalty of context switching work and collaboration.[ ]
Foster continuous experimentation to determine value and adapt quickly.[ ]
Automate to promote performance, stability, and consistency.[ ]
Shift testing and security left to raise quality and lower vulnerabilities.[ ]
Shift configuration right and promote a consistent and traceable one build, many delivery models.[ ]
Create a common organizational cadence (iterations, sprints) to support collaboration.[ ]
Maintain a transparent and groomed backlog to enable Lean practices and a pull over push working model.[ ]
Release only production ready code![ ]
Checklist – Streamline your processes when embracing a DevOps mindset
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