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We help people and organizations achieve their goals!

Through private and group training as well as tailored business coaching, our experienced guides will help you climb the mountain to true business agility!

Agile training courses and business coaching

PMI Certified

Your journey to true business agility starts with education.

At Tactec, we like to compare the Agile journey to a trek up a mountain. Start with our Basecamp before moving onto the beginner, intermediate and advanced trails.

Of course, along the way you may tackle some tough terrain and unexpected obstacles but with the help of Tactec guides, we are confident any person, team or organization can reach their goals!

Our PMI certified agile training courses are built on our own unique learning platform and combine instructor lead teaching with e-learning to give you the best experience and chance at success!

Foundation Course – 8 Hours

Offering Disciplined Agile fundamentals for yourself and/or your team. Get started with everyone on the same page!

Beginner Course – 14 Hours 

For anyone interested in learning and applying agile methods in a team.

Intermediate Course – 21 Hours

For anyone working in portfolio, product or project teams.

Intermediate Course – 14 Hours

For scrum masters or team leads wanting to work across teams and start coaching.

Advanced Course – 14 Hours

For existing coaches or senior scrum masters with 2 or more years of experience applying the Disciplined Agile tool kit across an organization.

Advanced Course – 21 Hours

For any senior agile practitioner who wants to implement and manage value streams throughout their business.

Tailored Business Coaching

Disciplined Agile Adoption & Business Transformation

Tailor-made business coaching and transformation services for organizations looking to reach their goals!

Using our three-step program: Learn, Optimize and Accelerate:

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Agile training courses and business coaching