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Learn, Optimize and Accelerate by tailoring your agile & lean adoption with Tactec’s blueprints for success.

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Agile training courses and business coaching

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Agile Training Courses

Your journey to true business agility starts with education.

From foundation business agility training courses for beginners through DevOps, lean and senior skilled training such as Scrum Master and Value Stream Consultants all the way to agile coaching for those with experience – We’ve got you covered

Our agile training courses are built on our own unique learning platform and combine instructor lead teaching with e-learning to give you the best experience and chance at success!

What are the Benefits?

Disciplined Agile Adoption & Business Transformation

Tailor-made business coaching and transformation services for organizations looking to reach their goals!
Using our three-step program: Learn, Optimize and Accelerate to achieve business agility faster, focused on value at velocity.

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We work with people, teams, and businesses of all sizes

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Our Stories

Every person, team and organization is unique.  Here we highlight of some of the journeys we have taken over decades of digital transformation and business agility to help you better understand the benefits of business coaching. We also post useful tips and information surrounding Disciplined Agile and how it applies to you and your organization.

Agile training courses and business coaching