July 27 - 16:30 PM PST - DA Guild Meetup Virtual

DA Guild - July Event (now on Youtube)

Marrying the practices of two major movements, lean and agile, is not only smart, but it is also​ the​ foundation​ of your evolution towards DevOps.​ ​ Lean focuses on creating value at the pull of the​ customer while​ agile​ delivers value, with high quality and speed.​ ​ Change the conversation​ with​ your Product Owner by​ using some different tools.​ ​ ​ We will look at an overview of Lean and Disciplined Agile (DA) and explore a handful of lean tools delivery teams can leverage to identify customer needs and promote continuous improvement.  Presented by Tactec's Principal Agile & Lean Coach / Instructor - Lisa Lueck and joined by our Guild Members along with Tactec's Principal Agile and Lean Coaches (David, Jeff and Brent).

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