Princeton Knight likes to support his team and consistently takes on difficult challenges. Knight regularly takes on problems even when he may not realize the amount of effort or have a solution in mind.

Knight has worked several years at Big Corp, coming from another tech company where he learned much of his operational support and management skills. Knight loves to learn and try new things however if he does not succeed right away he will declare it a failure and never try that solution again. He is not easy to convince, however when he agrees on a path he is there to take charge and lead the way. When the Agents of Chaos joined his team to help coach the DevOps Mindset and bringing teams together using agile and lean ways of working; Knight was one of the first to jump in and get started with infrastructure as code. He is a great convincer and sometimes his passion means that he uses his senior position to influence others often becoming the operational lead & team decision-maker. Knight believes people are important to DevOps however spends most of his time focusing on cool new technologies rather than deal with his team concerns, such as breaking down a few silos or clashes with others which means removing project impediments.

During difficult times with new software upgrades and roll-outs, Knight will stay up late and work weekends giving him that “hero” status. He truly wants to be a night in shining armour!

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