The Agents of Chaos describe Agent #77 as, the most congenial of the agents. He’s an industry expert which makes him the one that the CIOs/CEOs would really interact with. He’s the one who mostly represents the AoC to the outside world. He’s the business brain of the AoC because he’s a smooth operator. He’s the one that softens the rough edges that the other AoC have.

Brent was born in Whitehorse, Canada and grew up in several towns in British Columbia, Canada. Brent after graduating high school left for Texas. He attended UTSA while working for several IT (Finance and Telephone businesses) in San Antonio and returned to Canada in 1990. Brent has lived in Europe, UK and Hong Kong while working for international companies as design and enterprise architect. Brent now lives in Victoria, BC, Canada where he continues to promote Business Agility. Brent enjoys coding, diving, traveling, writing (books or music), gaming and new tech, and is a big Sci-fi fan. No waterfalls or sharks where injured during the writing of this book.

You can reach Brent via: he is the founder and CEO of Tactec Strategic Solutions Inc.

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