BIO: Automaton, Operations Engineer.

Automaton, created for a new upcoming book by the Agents-of-Chaos

“Number 35-A is alive!” exclaimed a brand new robot built somewhere in Canada. No one knows the inception date and origin for 35-A; however, there are some clues. Automaton was first seen at a trade show called “Future World” in 2007, and he quickly made friends. Some of his friends wanted to “liberate” him; however, they found out that his restraining bolt integrated tightly into his systems, so they had to keep him within the confines of his owners of Big Corp. Automaton is under control of the “the Overlords” at Big Corp. Only Big Corp could make such an investment into artificial intelligence and produce such an amazing piece of tech.

Automaton likes to work in teams; however, many do not take him seriously because he is a robot. Being a robot does have some advantages. When engaging with groups, it also has some tradeoffs, such as, not being asked to join the team after at the pub or offsite “team-building” exercises as he is confined to the office building. Thus Automaton sometimes likes to do things on his own and forgets to include his peers. One thing Automaton feels passionate about his automating everything, and he sees the world in gears, scripts and data points. This passion is excellent for both tactical and strategic goals. However, his principal of automation first can cause concerns for his peers who are not at his level of thinking, thus why some dismiss his suggestions or even his deliverables.

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